Empowering Creatives for AR/MR Virtual Production​​

Arraiy's DeepStudio utilizes Machine Learning and Computer Vision to automate processes which allow creators to integrate real & virtual worlds.​​

About Arraiy

Based in Mountain View, Arraiy is leveraging machine learning and computer vision to unlock the next generation of visual storytelling.  With self-improving AI at the core of its software products, Arraiy makes it easy for broadcasters and visual content creators to seamlessly integrate real and virtual worlds.


Meet the Management Team

Meet the Management Team

Mark Tobin


Mark is a leader with a passion for building and growing businesses. His skill set is fostering key talent and the creative culture of innovative companies while bringing business acumen and financial rigor to deliver value and growth to the stakeholders.

Ethan Rublee


Ethan is a serial entrepreneur & engineer in computer vision and machine learning. He has a passion for film, and through his work in robotics, he recognized the opportunity to leverage state of the art computer vision and machine learning to transform visual content production.

Gary Bradski, PhD


Gary Bradski, PhD, is an entrepreneur and researcher in vision and machine learning with over 100 publications,  and patents. He is also the  founder of OpenCV, the top computer vision library. 

Brendan Dowdle


Brendan is a Stanford MBA graduate with a background in both operating and investing. Brendan leads Arraiy’s business development and operational efforts. 

Ravikumar Ramanathan


Ravi is a leader with a passion to build world class products. He was the principal architect of the industry-leading Java IDE, JBuilder and AppWave, an App Store for software and Creator of App Factories. 



Jobs at Arraiy:

We are building a team that is passionate about computer vision, deep learning and enabling creators and storytellers. If this sounds like you, reach out to us to learn more about open positions.