The Black Eyed Peas “Street Livin'”

Iconic grayscale imagery of civil rights leaders, prisoners, protestors and societal and economic inequalities are brought to life with the help of Arraiy tracking in “Street Livin,” the 2018 music video debut of the Black Eyed Peas. Collaborating with Director Pasha Shapiro on the project introduced Arraiy into the entertainment market and helped the team apply its deep learning in computer vision R&D to a visual effects workflow. 

Director Shapiro had a creative vision that required fast turnaround time, necessitating a solution for real-time tracking with pinpoint accuracy. An early version of Arraiy’s machine learning technology was employed by production to power facial and body tracking in the Unity game engine, enabling segments of still photographs to be isolated, manipulated and replaced. The final music video featured more than 50 iconic images, with the mouths of Black Eyed Peas group members superimposed over Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X and the everyday victims of institutional racism. Arraiy technology was further leveraged to develop a filter that created a unified look for the music video by applying the same color palette, sharpness, contrast and effects to each photograph featured.